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What size is the microchip?  Where is it located on my pet?
  Your pet's chip is the size of a grain of rice.  (The new Mini™ chip by Microchip ID Systems is even smaller!)  It is bio-compatible, safe and guaranteed for life!  It is located on the back, deeply under the skin between the shoulder blades.

What do I receive when I activate?
Ownership Certificate, Training DVD, plus over $50.00 in savings on great products for your pet.  See Confirmation Packet!

How does the microchip scanner work?
The scanner sends a quick signal to the chip.  The pet feels nothing.  When the chip number appears in the scanner window, the shelter or veterinarian will then check the national network to find the registered owner.

What happens if I do not activate my pet's chip?
  If you do not activate the chip, a shelter will be unable to locate you.  Your pet is at risk of being adopted or being euthanized if an owner cannot be found.

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Can any type of microchip be registered here?
  Yes.  Any type, any brand.  You will not be asked the brand name.

 What is the cost for registration?
  $22.95 for registration AND activation.  For life.  No more fees.

What do I do if my pet is lost?
Call us immediately, day or night, if your pet is missing or lost.
FREE! - A Pet SearchALERT will be issued for your pet
in the national tracking system.

Can I change my information if I move?
  Yes.  There is no charge to keep your contact info updated and secure.

Can I provide an alternate contact person?
  Yes.  An Alternate Contact can be provided and changed at any time.

Is there a renewal fee for microchip registration?
  No.  Your registration is maintained and protected for as long as you own the pet.

What comes in the mail?  
  Ownership Certificate - Wallet Card - Gift Coupons
►   Complete Puppy Training DVD.  Great for all dogs at any age!

Will my pet and I be registered in a universal recovery network?
  Yes. You and your pet will be entered into 2 national databases for the best protection.

What happens after I activate?
•  You will receive a receipt with immediate savings on great products for your pet.  Veterinarian selected and approved!
•  You will be quickly enrolled in 2 national databases.
•  Your Confirmation Packet will arrive by mail.


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Is my Privacy protected?
Your contact information is maintained and protected.
It is only released to a shelter or vet with your permission should your pet ever be lost, stolen or separated from you.

Can I register by telephone instead of online?
  Yes.  Call 800.434.2843



  Orginating Registry for all pets. Contact info is secure and backed up for safe keeping.                                               Online tool used by shelters,vets and rescue groups.  Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association.     

Originating registry for all pets.  Information is secure and available to pet owners and shelters.

Online Lookup tool used by vets, shelters, and rescues. Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association.




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